A Rochester Shuttle Service

A Rochester Shuttle Service


Go Rochester Direct has been serving your Rochester shuttle service needs since 1993.  We provide safe, convenient, and affordable transportation between Rochester MN and the Minneapolis St. Paul Airport (MSP).   Fifteen passenger vans factory seats have been replaced with individual seat and  are used to transport people and packages in a comfortable manner.   The drivers are highly trained professionals with continuing education required for safety, and customer service.

The best part of this shuttle service is that with 19 trips a day, you can go to the airport just about any time you want.   You can reduce the layover time in MSP by arriving just when you need to.  Also, if your plane is delayed arriving at MSP you can be assured that the next available van can take you to Rochester and you will not be stuck overnight in Minneapolis when you are just 80 miles from your destination.

Ride share vans like Go Rochester Direct are a great way to reduce your carbon foot print.  By using this car pool type system, you effectively take a vehicle off the road and reduce emissions.   It’s an economical way to travel, and good for the Earth.

Some individuals still drive to MSP and park their own cars there, but with the cost of parking, gas, and vehicle maintenance, it’s not hard to see what a great cost savings airport transportation like Go Rochester Direct can be.

Rochester MN is the home to the world famous Mayo Clinic.   Many of Rochester visitors come here every year for world class medical care.  Between Mayo’s focus on a team approach to health care, and their amazing customer service it’s a great place to get the best care available. That team approach in medicine is carried out today by more than 55,000 doctors, nurses, scientists, students and allied health staff at Mayo Clinic locations in the Rochester as well as in Tallahassee FL and Scottsdale, Arizona.


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